For the fear of spiders – what was it doing?

I can manage my arachnophobia just fine. Providing the spiders act in a predictable manner. No sudden movements, et al. 

I hate eight-legged surprises. Sometimes I shower in the dark (reasons not disclosed), and in such an instance, a shower buddy is not desirable.

Yesterday I was surprised by a (smallish) spider doing something by my husband’s towel. Or rather, not doing ‘something’. It was in a peculiar, not-ever-seen-before spider position and I was thrown off balance. Was it alive? What was it doing? How long would it be there? Should I try to remove it? (I usually let the spiders in my apartment go their ways, they eat our flies. (I don’t fear flies, I find them revolting. (And annoying.)))

I realised then, one’s phobia’s object gets twice as scary when met in unexpected circumstances.¬†

I left it there, I didn’t have time to deal with it. I only hoped it wouldn’t come sneaking on me some other time. (So far so good…)

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