Chaos and entropy – the enemies?

Entropy is the term describing the lack of order or predictability, a gradual decline into disorder.

An hour ago I was reading the newest post from James Clear which is all about entropy and “why life always seems to get more complicated”. Clear always writes concisely (and clear:)) so I won’t do a recap, you better read it yourselves. I’ll tell you how it relates to me, though.

I’ve always hated recurring tasks. Chores that had no lasting effect. You do the dishes, the next day they are there again, the same amount, the same teasing heap. Dusting, cooking, sorting out papers, simple homework, etc. When you finally get things in order, they push back in chaos. You can’t beat entropy without investing some energy, and I feel like my meagre energy cannot beat the Universe.
Now I understand this phenomenon better. Those tasks that require the minimum amount of energy for the greatest effect (vacuuming and taking out the garbage for example) I’m more likely to undertake than those which push back harder (dusting, mopping the floor, cleaning limescale). As soon as you dust, there’s a thin film of dust already on the shelf. Water droplets leave stains on the kitchenware. Why?!!! To get people on a test of their patience? (This is a rhetoric question, its answer depends upon your worldview.)

Let’s say the entropy is the enemy. As human beings, we are made of order. And, in order (haha) to survive, we need to put things around us in order. Thus, we cannot avoid fighting till the last breath.
However, if the entropy is a chance for growth, a test of our evolving capabilities, then we should learn to cope with it.

Depression is the result of the inability to choose, to decide. Tweet this.

Therefore, I’ll consciously choose whenever I can, for practice. Practice makes perfect; choosing and choosing make depression lighter.
I choose the entropy as a learning opportunity. There. Not hard.

Now what?

I need a strategy. My goal is, minimising the energy investment into putting chaos (a bit of it) into order so the actual tasks won’t be daunting. My objective is to find not-so-daunting tasks and apply their not-so-dauntingness to the daunting tasks. I could use two minuses to make a plus. I could apply my OCD tendency (instilling order) to these tasks.

I don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe. I need to think.

Depression also affects objective thinking. I think slower because of it. I think entropy invaded my brain. I can’t think straight. Help, I’ve been abducted by Chaos!

Seriously. I’ll think about it another time, maybe after I’m rested.
Take care and tell me what you think about entropy/chaos.


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